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How to Choose The Best Wedding Guest Dress?

Written by Social Media Elite Collaborator


Posted on June 21 2019

Weddings are occasions which deserve special attention and a special dress. For many women, it’s not easy to choose the perfect dress that meet expectations in terms of style, shape, colour, quality or price. At Coco Boutique, we are experts in party dresses, wedding guest dresses and occasion wear and we have decided to share our wisdom to help you when buying a dress as a wedding guest. We understand your struggle, so consider these 5 factors when buying a dress and make your decision-making easy.


  1.      Colour

We all have a favourite colour. Choosing the right colour depends on many aspects such as the hair and eye colour or skin tone. Our skin tone also changes with the different seasons – we are tanned in summer and paler in winter which affects our shopping decision. Understanding the colour wheel will help you to choose the right dress and let you shine on any event. Consider all the factors together – someone with blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes will shine in different colours than someone blonde with tanned skin and dark eyes.


  1.      Style, Shape and Length

Our bodies are different and what fits you doesn’t have to fit your friend. When deciding to buy a dress as a wedding guest, try to avoid mini skirts and dresses which you would normally wear to a different party occasion. There are a couple of rules to follow when it comes to dressing as a wedding guest. However, the rules are not as strict as they used to be in the past. If you don’t want to risk it, A-line shape dresses suit every figure. Have a look at our wedding guest dress category to choose from different shapes and colour combinations for every figure.

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  1.      Quality and Price

When choosing the right dress, quality and price are the most important factors when deciding to buy something or leave the shopping basket empty. Nowadays, we have plenty of materials to choose from. The fabric of the dress is an essential deciding factor depending on if we want to look luxurious, elegant or casual. Dresses made of silk or satin are likely to look more elegant and luxurious than dresses made of cotton. Also, the higher the quality of material used, the higher the price will be.


  1.      Weather and Location

You will choose a different wedding guest dress in winter than in summer. Dressing as a wedding guest in Ireland in June will require a different dress than for a wedding in Spain. Consider the weather and location conditions before choosing the right dress for you and make sure none of these factors will surprise you! In case the weather is not promising, don’t forget to cover your shoulders and wear a blazer on top.


  1.      Feel Comfortable

Last but not least, choose a dress which you feel comfortable in. That is probably the most important one and only rule. Don’t forget you will spend almost the entire day in that dress, so make it as comfy as possible. There is nothing worse than having to sit or dance in a dress which is too tight or scratchy all day long. When buying online, check the size guide on the shop’s website and reviews from real customers. Most of the online boutiques have the possibility to return the item if it doesn’t fit or fulfil your expectations.



At Coco Boutique we will help you to choose the best dress for any occasion, advise you on what suits you most and give you the opportunity to try on as many dresses as you wish.